Friday, March 11, 2011

"Fun & FAQ's with Kandee"

"I'm a GIANT!!!"

"At my glaminars everybody was like you're so tall you're so big.. Oh my iPod is going on.. hang on, we'll try this again. Oh not the glasses this is the answer time!"

"You can get it on Plus White dot com, Plus White like that with a www dot in front and a dot com on the end"

"How old are you? I'm five.. plus some other years"

"Eyebrows: defining your eyebrows" quotes

"But I made a couple mistakes editing and I don't really wanna scrub it off"

"So if your hair is platinum blonde, you probably don't want an incredibly dark brown"

"How to Tweeze, Shape & Groom Eyebrows" quotes

"This is the eyebrows that I came in into the world with"

"So this is the fastest way to get the job done"

"Oh why would I wanna be shaving my eyebrows? "

"Well this is where Kandee is gonna play a little mythbuster on you or bust a little beauty school on you"

"So that myth is now busted by myself to you"

"If you pull outwards: lots of pain"

"And what you do to the tops, you gotta do to the bottoms"

"So go out and start razing your eyebrows and winking at people or whatever you do to draw attention to your eyebrows"

"How To Clean Make-Up Brushes" quotes

"And it's also gonna break up the make-up"

"So we're gonna take this green guy, and we're gonna scrub him around in there"